Installer for version 4.1.5 b2evolution

Check your database config settings below and update them if necessary...

Base config recap...

If you don't see correct settings here, STOP before going any further, and update your base configuration.

MySQL Username: rsshotel_admin
MySQL Password: (Set, but not shown for security reasons)
MySQL Database name: rsshotel_rsshotel
MySQL Host/Server: localhost
MySQL tables prefix: evo_

Base URL:

Admin email:

Language / Locale

English (US) latin1

Base configuration

Resetting the base configuration is currently disabled for security reasons.

To enable it, please go to the /conf/_basic_config.php file and change:

$allow_evodb_reset = 0;
$allow_evodb_reset = 1;

Then reload this page and a reset option will appear.